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A method to obtain a catalyst of transition metals supported on a carbonaceous material, via impregnation, with a solution of metal-thiourea complex, obtained from precursor salts. The formation of the sulfur on the surface of the support occurs through the thermal decomposition of the complex. The obtained catalysts are applicable toward the direct liquefaction of […]

A system and a method for enhancement of structural integrity is provided where a reinforcement system in accordance with the present invention is coupled with a compression side of a structure. The reinforcement system includes a tension layer with a high tensile strength coupled with an exterior surface of a compression layer with high compression […]

Disclosed are methods, apparatus, systems, and non-transitory, tangible computer-readable media associated with use of transaction authorization codes to each of the parties involved in a buying and selling transaction. In various embodiments, the transaction authorization code(s) may be exchanged between parties, and once confirmed or validated, the transaction may be consummated. In one embodiment, the […]

!20110828  Patent business booming in China – lawyers earn 1-2 million Note: definitely China is the new, hot patent scene.  And while China has a goal of subsidizing the costs of patents for Chinese companies, the U.S. Congress is trying to pass a law allowing it to steal patent fees. Of course, with more Chinese […]

Inventor: Manuel De Jesus Rodriguez Patent number: 7545208 Filing date: Nov 12, 2005 Issue date: Jun 9, 2009 Patent Agent: Peter Ganjian; Patent Law Agency, LLC Title: Signal amplification through an electromagnetic device BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION (1) Field of the Invention This invention relates to signal processing through an electromagnetic device and, in particular, […]